SEO Process

If you would like me to do some SEO work on your website then this is probably how it will happen...
1) You Get In Touch!
You get in contact with me on and I have a look over your site to get a general idea of what it needs. I also establish how your site is accessed and managed.
2) We Agree On A Price (Probably £180)
We agree on a price. You pay me via bank transfer and send me your log in details. Please Note: I don't store anyone's log in details once the job has been completed but I recommend that you change your password just for me and then change it back once I'm done as that's just good practice.
3) I Improve And Clean Up Your SEO
I log in to your website, analysing the SEO on each page and fixing any issues as I find them. I will aim to get this done within three days of receiving your payment.
4) I Finish The Site
Between 1 and 2 weeks later I should have the site ready to go live. I show you how to use your Control Panel and make any final adjustments to the site.
5) I Send You A Report
Once I've finished the job I'll send you a report on what I found and the work I did. This will also include information on how to maintain your SEO and any major issues I found for which I don't have the access to fix. Note: If any major issues were found then I will advise you on how they could be fixed.
6) The World Continues To Turn
We wish each other well and continue on our own independent journeys through this crazy ol' thing they call life.