Search Engine Optimisation For Small Businesses In The UK

Hello! I'm Dave, and I do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for small businesses in the UK. I specialise in helping websites to rank higher in Google by going over the entire structure and optimising every part to its fullest potential. This increases the chances of the website ranking higher than its competitors in Google. If you would like me to help to improve your website's SEO then get in touch with me today.
SEO Tune-Up: £180 (One-off Payment)
Structural Analysis
I'll check that your website architecture, page accessibility and site navigation are all optimised correctly (for both viewers and Search Engines).
Bounce Rate Reduction
The longer your visitors stay on your site, the better it looks to Google. I will analyse and try to fix why people might be leaving soon after arriving.
Meta Tags
I'll make sure every page has individually tailored and unique meta titles and descriptions, plus canonicals if your website control panel allows it.
Header Tags
I'll make sure every page has full and correctly-used header tags so that Google can more easily understand the topic of each page.
Keyword Density
I'll go over all of your site's content and (with permission) rewrite certain parts if need be to ensure keyword density is just right.
Blackhat SEO Removal
Your site may have certain things on it which are getting it penalised by Google and you don't even know it! If so then I'll find and remove/correct it.
Internal Links
Your site's internal link strucuture is important for telling Google which pages are to be prioritised. I'll implement the correct number and format.
Practical Advice
Once I've completed your website's SEO audit I'll tell you how best to maintain your site in order to continue improving its SEO.